Best way to fix windows xp auto log off after login

My previous post say that “Windows Automatically logoff after logon” . but it still not a good solution are encounter this problems even we have done the fresh windows installed !!!

what I suggest you to do is : PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SCAN YOUR WHOLE HARD DRIVE WITH THE LATEST VIRUSES DEFINITION FILES. You can do this by taking off your hard drive and connect to another computer to scan OR please do not double click on any .exe files from other partitions after you reinstalled new windows.

So the problems is After you clean the viruses you won’t be able to log on to your windows desktop. I think here is the best ways to fix it:

Step 1: Create a BartPe Bootable CD
“BartPE” (Bart Preinstalled Environment) is the bootable Windows CD-Rom or DVD from the original Windows XP that we can say Live CD that, very suitable for PC maintenance tasks.

To built it by ur selves please go to : to download the PeBuilder latest version and read the instruction to built your own bootable CD.

Step 2: Verifying and fixing the Userinit.ext

1. Insert the BartPE CD into the drive, and boot the system from the CD. Once the file loading phase is over, the Bart PE desktop will be visible.
2. Type Regedit.exe in the prompt, and press Enter. Select the HKEY_USERS hive

3. From the File menu, choose the Load Hive option. Browse to your Windows installation drive


4. Select the file named SOFTWARE (the file without any extensions), and click Open

5. Type a name for the hive that you’ve loaded now. (Example: MYHOUSE)
6. Now the SOFTWARE hive is loaded, and present under the HKEY_USERS base hive.
7. In order to fix the Userinit value in the loaded hive, navigate to the following location:

HKEY_USERS \ MYHOUSE\ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon

8. Double-click Userinit and set it’s value correctly. Example: Set it’s data as follows:


Note: If there is no Userinit.exe existed on your system, Please use the windows CD to copy it back as my previous post said.

Good luck!


20 thoughts on “Best way to fix windows xp auto log off after login

  1. while i search the hold internet I just find out the solution and it work for me, just using Recovery Console of Window XP.

    First it is necessary to go to the recovery console.

    At the recovery console, it is necessary to replace the software hive with a previous good backup. Please type in each of the following bold lines, pressing ENTER after each one.

    C:\windows>cd %windir%\system32\config
    C:\windows\system32\config>ren software software.old
    This renames the current software hive to software.old
    C:\windows\system32\config>copy C:\%windir%\repair\software

    It should indicate: “1 file(s) copied”

    NOTE: After the next step, remove the CD, then boot into safe mode. If you do not boot into safe mode in Windows XP, it may prompt you to reactivate and you may not be able to get into Windows.


    Now hit the F8 key and boot into safe mode. Logon to the administrator account when you reach the Welcome screen.

    The next step is to edit the old registry to change the path to the userinit.exe file:

    open regedit.exe
    Highlight HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (note: this is important, if you do not highlight this the next step will not work)
    goto file – load hive…

    Select your old registry file which should be in C:\windows\system32\config\software.old
    It will ask you what to name it, if you don’t understand, just type “test”.

    Navigate to the following:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\winlogon.
    Look at what the userinit value is. It is likely something like %system32%\userinit.exe which is invalid.

    Next change the value to read C:\windows\system32\userinit.exe

    Now close the registry editor, and go back to recovery console to put your original registry back. It should look like this:
    C:\windows>cd system32\config
    C:\windows\system32\config>del software
    C:\windows\system32\config>ren software.old software


    Thank nyashinsky

  2. Excuse me for the previous post – that was a test with my understanding in Khmer language 
    Your blog is tremendous! Lots of helpful information.
    I’m struggling now with that log in – log off loop and frankly it’s killing my nerves.
    To start with this that the loop appeared when I cloned the system partition from an old hard drive to the new one. After the reboot the situation gone bad. It’s still booting from the old one, but that’s not the point. I followed all your steps (despite there were no signs of corrupted files or registry entries) but there was no real result. After long googling for same situations I found a topic that almost describe my condition –
    It seems that for these 3 particular reasons the system is entering in such a loop:
    – You cloned a bootable Windows partition from one physical disk to another
    – The cloning program copied the partition only, and did not copy the MBR
    – This Windows installation has seen the new drive before the clone, the disk was initialized, and a partition was created on it.

    I made all of them. On the first run with Acronis True Image the result occurs – infinitive loop. After a few more tries I used Norton Ghost partition to partition option and it actually worked. I write this if someone has an identical problem.

    PS. Please make attention over the fields where you used Khmer language – even google translate couldn’t help me understand what’s written 

    Once again – GREAT BLOG !


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