Unhide Folder after clean viruses

I have got question from Narath that: “viruses have hide all the folder in his drive, even he have clean all the viruses from the computer already.”

We have clean viruses already, why the folder still hidden?

Reason: When the viruses infected to your system it give the attribute of your folder as : SUPPER HIDDEN AND SYSTEM FILE OR READ ONLY. And the viruses know that we can view that Supper Hidden folder by : On the windows explorer click “Tool” > “Folder Option” > “View”> scroll down and tick on ” Show Hidden files and folder “and untick “Hide Protected Operating System Files( Recommended) ” > Apply > Ok. So viruses will disable folder options, or Set the Supper Hidden in the Registry.

Solutions: Commandine to unhide the folder and files:

>Click start > run > type : ” cmd ” then type the command:

attrib d:\*.* /d /s -h -r -s

Note: “d:” is your drive letter, You can change to specific drive you want.

**** How to show “Folder Option”

Click start > run > type: regedit > browse to this path :


> Double click on the key name “NoFolderOptions” and give the value =0 > log off or restart computer.


50 thoughts on “Unhide Folder after clean viruses

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  2. By my idea, I think that wat is not success. My way is like this
    for example your Hidden files drive is (E:\)

    Start –> Run –> cmd –> Enter
    on cmd command type E: –> Enter then will be show like this
    E:\>attrib -a -s -r -h /s /d then press Enter
    It will be OK.

    Notice that:
    attrib -a -s -r -h /s /d (To show hidden files)
    attrib -a -s -r -h /s /d (To hide files)

  3. It display message ” access denied on System Volume Information ” mean that is OK. No one can unhide the System Volume Information folder, Because it is the folder store the partition information.

    -i think you have success full do the above command. But if you still don’t see your picture, Maybe all your pics has been deleted ?

    Please try the Easy Recovery to recover the Deleted file from your hard drive.

  4. Joseph! I know what you mean. Before I got success by using above command line to unhide the folder after clean virus. But Now I’m facing with the same to your problem.

    The problem is when I check ” show hidden files and folder” and uncheck ” Hide protected operating………” and then lclick apply, It doesn’t show anything ( The hidden files or folder is still hidden) and it still keep the same setting.

    I have check in the registry already. But still now work. I’m gotting stuck on this problems.

  5. >_>; I already know the idea on that code before I found this place… It makes the files’ hidden, read-only and system attributes unchecked/removed. That won’t apply to “new” files and folders after you run that command.

    It doesn’t change anything on the Folder Options… That’s what I’m looking for- to prevent Windows from going back to “Do not show hidden…” & the checked “Hide protected operating…” AFTER I click the Apply/OK button.
    … I’m sure it’s the work of a hidden virus or some malicious computer stuff…

  6. This code,

    Solutions: Commandine to unhide the folder and files:

    >Click start > run > type : cmd then type the command: attrib d:\*.* /d /s -h -r -s Enter

    Note: “d:” is your drive letter, You can change to specific drive you want.
    works for me. However, to make it clear only the first d is the drive letter. The second one is a switch. So if your drive is G, you should type,

    attrib g:\*.* /d /s -h -r -s Enter

    Thanks for the code anyway

  7. Hi
    I have the problem stated below:
    Ok, I have an external hard drive that recently had a virus on it (removed), here is the situation:

    1.) 96% of the folders in the root directory are hidden.
    2.) All of the files WITHIN these hidden folders ARE NOT hidden.
    3.) I cannot unhide the files by right clicking on them and going to properties, the “hidden” option is greyed out.
    4.) All of the folders are read only and archived. When I uncheck read only and archive, it does not allow me to unhide them.
    5.) When I copy any of these hidden folders to the local machine, it still does not allow me to unhide the folder.

    In conclusion, I would like to find a way to unhide these files without having to manually make new folders, and copy their contents into them one by one.

    I have tried a few utilities for folder hiding – there are a bunch – the ones I have tried all list these folders as “not hidden”, although they are obviously hidden.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. still doesn’t work …after typing the command to unhide the folder and files that is after typing in the following command as said above “attrib d:\*.* /d /s -h -r -s”….the error message was “the path d:\*.*\d not found”…i tried the drive c instead of d as it is where the os is installed,still the same error….also for the registry edition part the “NoFolderOptions” was missing..please help me


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