How to make your Network Connection Faster?

In windows Vista, when you copying file from one computer to another computer through network it will show you the speed per second depending on You Network Adapter, HUB, Switch, Cable… you are using. You might still wondering how fast of your network? Or How to make your network high performance.

You network connection slow or fast depend on the Component of your connection, so that is very important to know that Which component that cause your network slow…

1. Network Adapter
A network adapter is the device that physically connects your computer to the network. The network itself will be Ethernet (which comes in three speeds, 10Megabit, 100Mb, and 1000Mb). So if you you have a low speed Ethernet adapter, You network speed will be limited by that adapter. Buy anther one!

2.Ethernet Hub or Switch
Most Ethernet networks use a hub or switch, which serves as the central connection point and moves data around. Like the network adapters, they have three speed ratings, 10Mb, 100Mb, and 1000Mb. Your switch must support the same speed as your network adapters to use it on your network. You should use a hub or switch that supports your full range of network adapter speeds, so you don’t limit the higher-speed computers.

Switches perform more efficiently than hubs in high-traffic networks, so it’s a good idea to use a switch

3.Motherboard Speed
The motherboard’s processing speed has inherent limits that include (to a degree) network performance. A faster motherboard generally means faster everything, including network performance. Upgrading the motherboard is a good decision also.

4.Hard Disk Read-Write Speed
Disk performance (how much information you can read or write from the disk in a second) is often the primary factor to network performance. Since most network data represents a file, your hard disk has to read the source file and another disk must write it to complete the data transfer.

You can improve your disk performance by using a faster disk, which makes more information available, and a more efficient disk interface, which processes more information at once.


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