Windows XP administrator password LOST !!!

Here is the useful question that I found on the web. But what that make me hopeless is You can not see the answer or the Right Solution from the Experts unless you register an account ( Need to pay money ). How do u feel if you got a serious problems need a instant help from your Friends or Your Teacher, Then they ask for some money . 😦 … For me I can say : If I have extra money, I will not do it myself, just have a call to a Technician and pay for them. :).

So I hope all of you will help me and the one who getting stuck to find the right solution.

My query is regarding my operating system,
I installed windows XP prof. some time back in my pc,
I became the administrator, and made another user in it,
The problem is, I forgot the password of my administrator account,
I did not make a password recovery set in it,
neither did I place a hint in the passsword,
Now, this account contains many important documents,
Is there any way in which I could recover either the lost documents or the password?
I cannot afford to uninstall or format my disc,
If anybody can help me out of this,it would be great,

Solution :

The best way to recover the Administrator Password in Windows XP Professional is use  ERD Commander 2005/2007 to reset Windows user account  password.

You can download the torrent files here!

After download completed, Please burn it to the blank CD. Then do CMOS configuration to make  your computer boot up from the CD-Rom first.a

After ERC commander boot completed, there a message box as below:

ERC Commander 2007

Please select your windows installation path, choose your current keyboard and click OK.

>  Click start > System Tool > Look smith
>Click Next, It will ask you to select User Account to reset the password.

>Fill in with your  new password and click next to finish the LockSmith program and restart computer.



13 thoughts on “Windows XP administrator password LOST !!!

  1. 1.go to the start caption and open the run command.
    2.type cmd then the command prompt screen will appear and now enter the following command
    and press enter
    now u will see a screen containing two folders in that go to user folder in that right click on the administrator and set the password and he will not ask for the previous password
    try it
    best of luck

  2. Yes might be true as u said that download via torrent is dangerous to ur documents. 🙂 But I have no choice. I have to wait one day to one day to download one or more file from Raphidshare. It still say “…ur ip address is downloading….”

    @ my trip is very happy and fantastic with the real natural view at there. I always imagine to all my activities every night. that become my historical in my mind. 🙂

  3. I`ve never used this program but i think this is really a useful idea. Thanks for sharing.
    Anyway, I still don`t think that bit-torrent is secure as what you mention in this page. `cause it is P2P software that allow other people browser your documents and download them. It is very dangerous that download documents or software from P2P software, I recommend you to use Rapidshare since now we don`t have to wait as long as before. We can download file one by one.

    P.S how was your trip ?


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