Rounding Currency

Many of my friends at University has request me to post the homework code of that I have done on my blog. and here the simple Console Application that i’m learning at University. So I hope that younger or older brother that learning in IT can see the simple code and correct or implement it together.

-The Code are focus on how to use “IF Condition” and “Do Loop”.
Here is the Rounding Currency Code In Console Application

Module Module1

Sub Main()

Dim ROUND As Double
Dim amount As Double
Dim selected As Integer
Dim modulus As Double
Dim yesno As String

Console.WriteLine(“Rounding Currency Table”)
Console.WriteLine(“Please Select the Currency”)
selected = Console.ReadLine

If (selected = 1) Then
Console.WriteLine(“Input Amount:”)
amount = Console.ReadLine
modulus = amount Mod 100

If (modulus = 50) Then
ROUND = amount
ElseIf (modulus > 50) Then
ROUND = (amount – modulus) + 100
ElseIf (modulus < 50) Then
ROUND = amount – modulus
End If
Console.WriteLine(“Rounded Amount={0}Riel”, ROUND)
ElseIf (selected = 2) Then
Console.WriteLine(“Input Amount”)
amount = Console.ReadLine
Console.WriteLine(“Rounded Amount={0} USD”, amount)
ElseIf (selected = 3) Then
Console.WriteLine(“Input Amount”)
amount = Console.ReadLine
Console.WriteLine(“Rounded Amount={0} EURO”, amount)
ElseIf (selected = 4) Then
Console.WriteLine(“Input Amount”)
amount = Console.ReadLine
Console.WriteLine(“Rounded Amount={0} POUND”, amount)
Console.WriteLine(“Wrong Selection”)
End If
Console.WriteLine(“Do you want to continue (Y|N)? “)
yesno = Console.ReadLine

Loop Until (yesno = “n”)

End Sub

End Module

If you have any problem of running the program or need to ask inside code, please fill free to ask me. I might be available from my best tried.

8 thoughts on “Rounding Currency

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