Mobile Internet in Star-cell


WAP is short form for The Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) which is an open, secure global specification that empowers mobile users with wireless devices to easily access and interact with information and services instantly.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is a method of enhancing 2G phones to enable them to send and receive data more rapidly. With a GPRS connection, the phone is “always on” and can transfer data immediately, and at higher speeds: typically 32 – 48 kbps. An additional benefit is that data can be transferred at the same time as making a voice call. GPRS is now available with Star-Cell Mobile.

EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) or EGPRS provides data transfer rates significantly faster than GPRS. EDGE increases the speed of each timeslot to 48 kbps and allows the use of up to 8 timeslots, giving a maximum data transfer rate of 384 kbps. In places where an EDGE network is not available, GPRS will automatically be used instead. EDGE offers the best that can be achieved with a 2.5G network.

Customer can use GPRS as bearer to access internet. Please note that all mobile devices may not support GPRS facility.

Please click here to know about the laptop or PC configuration for GPRS using USB port (Data Cable)
Please click here to know about the laptop or PC configuration for GPRS using USB port (Bluetooth Device)

How do I activate my GPRS feature?

Send SMS Text “A” or “a” to 1232 , our USSD session will guide you through, to activate the service. Once you have finished doing so you will receive a message from our service center that “the service GPRS will be added in 30 minutes and will be charge in accordance with your tariff”. You can call Star-Cell call center for further assistance.

There are several ways to configure these parameters:

  1. OTA (Over the Air ): The parameters are received with an OTA message. You will get the settings by sending an SMS with a special string to the OTA settings service number and soon you will receive the settings with an SMS. By accepting the settings, it will automatically configure your mobile.
  2. Manually: Input them manually using the mobile keypad. Please refer on page xx for the settings.

What are the GPRS applications we can use?

  1. WAP Surfing (Information Services such as News, Financial Info, Entertainment, Traffic Info, etc.)
  2. Web surfing
  3. Web Email (Send, reply, forward and delete)
  4. Corporate Email
  5. Connectivity to Corporate backend system
  6. Customized Corporate Applications
  7. Chat

Using GPRS you can download in your mobile the following:

• Polyphonic ring tones
• MP3 tones
• Color logos
• Wallpapers
• Videos
• Animations
• Games
• E-mails and more……..

What is the speed of GPRS?

The theoretical speed of GPRS is 144 kbps. However, no terminal in the market today that can test the maximum speed of GPRS. Our GSM network can commit a speed of 40kbps as long as the GPRS phones can support the speed.

Where are the GPRS coverage areas?

Most of all major cities likely Phnom Penh, KoKi (Kandal Province), Siem Reap, Kompong Som (Sihanouk Ville), National Road No. 6 (Phnom Penh To Siem Reap) .

How can we configure the different types of phones and devices?

You could follow the link GPRS setting given below and also contact our customer care office 199 or visit to our Head office located in Baneshwor.

If I am accessing data services on a GPRS mobile phone, can I answer incoming calls?

Yes. With GPRS service, customer can still answer incoming voice calls while accessing the Internet. The GPRS session will be put on hold and users can resume the data session after the voice conversation is over. As long as you are not downloading files from the Internet, you will still be able to answer and make calls.

Ability to make voice calls concurrently with data session is phone dependent.

Benifts of GPRS

  • * Faster access
    * Higher speed
    * Less cost
    * Global acces
    * Always stay connected or be online
    * User Friendly

    – Be on-line
    – Only Pay for transferred data volume
    – Control your life.

How are billing can used ?

The cost will be optimized by KB or data transfer. Meaning the users will be paying only 50Kb per USD 0.01 (upload and download).

How to deactivate the GPRS service?

  • To deactivate the GPRS service type “R” or “r” and send SMS to 1232 and follow the instruction.


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